oh my dearest greece

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And, by the way, I adore you…in frightening, dangerous ways.
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And, by the way, I adore you…in frightening, dangerous ways.
That face could easily be a mask
That body simply part of stone
Like shiny marble piece of art
Those eyes contain the fire burning soul

What would you do to stay away
To hide away from glowing love?
Will you be strong enough to sway
Your eager wish to taste her blood?

Will you resist the body warmth
The curves of lips and depth of eyes
The waves that drown you in their tides
And all in her that mesmerize...

Will you be strong enough to stay?


наконец-то Бен! я счастлив

And, by the way, I adore you…in frightening, dangerous ways.

And, by the way, I adore you…in frightening, dangerous ways.
Crying of silent heart
Broke non-existent soul apart
Emotions filled your eternity
First hatred then love and to maturity
Your lust for her blood has evolved
But wish to protect was involved
Your struggle and pain hand in hand
Made her feel what you never demand
Her eyes give you what you can't read
Beat of her heart make your leap
and in unison complete...


inspired by Parade's End Episode 4

And, by the way, I adore you…in frightening, dangerous ways.
от имени Сильвии

I look into the crimson skies
Just waiting for my love
The one I never treasured
Though now he is all my heart
I struggle not to kill him
Though so afraid to lose
Unstoppable and fragile
Our unexpected truce
So desperate for kisses
And glance he’ll put on me
I’m here my love and darling
So longing I’m for thee.


sexy beast!!!!!!!!!

And, by the way, I adore you…in frightening, dangerous ways.


Ben Killing Barnes!!!!

And, by the way, I adore you…in frightening, dangerous ways.


And, by the way, I adore you…in frightening, dangerous ways.
I AM GOING TO LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HURRAY!!!!!!!!FINALLY!!!!!


And, by the way, I adore you…in frightening, dangerous ways.
Ее губы дрожали. Он едва ли мог различить слова, что она пыталась вымолвить. Он был не готов. Он думал, что в запасе у него десятиления, а оказалось, что последние мгновенья просачиваются между пальцев. Казалось, что его давно застывшее мертвое сердце разобьется вдребезги, оглушив мир неистовым треском агонии.
Он прижимал ее к себе, будто пытаясь сдержать ее жизнь в объятьях своих..он чувствовал, что она холодеет...
Она смотрела на него не в силах оторвать взгляд. Даже беспрепятственно льющийся поток безмолвных слез не мог помешать ей видеть его во всей невыносимой красоте. Вместе с тем она видела боль, и притаившееся, выжидающее своего момента безумие безысходности и горечь неотвратимости. Она протянула руку и коснулась его лба чуть выше переносицы, пытаясь разгладить его.
-Don't be sad. I'm always yours. For eternity. I love you.
He was unable to speak. He saw that she accepter it, no matter how excruciating that was. She traced his lips and tried to reach him. He immidiately pressed his lips to hers. There was no precautions and restrictions this time. He didn't even care that she was bleeding. Not one muscle tightened in him to urge to feel thirst. Though call of her blood was always so strong.
His ice cold toungue for the first time felt the warmth of hers. He was always so protective, so self-control obsessed that he never allowed much with her. Now he regreted it as ttime slipped through his figers suddenly. Strong wave of shiver rushed through her body, though her lips were as eager as his. He forced himself to part from her.
-Hm..I could have spent my life kissing you - she said, half smile on her pale face.
In the circumstances this phrase cut him into pieces. His face became fierce.
В этот момент он осознал единственный выход из ситуации. Единственный способ спасти ее. Но было ли это спасение? Он не мог даже думать об этом, настолько обрушившаяся боль и отчаяние овладели им.
Она заметила перемену в его лице. Решимость словно застыла в его чертах. Его пальцы обвили ее запястье и потянули руку к себе.
-No- she gasped. Her eyes were pleading and horrorstuck. She had no strenght to fight his iron grip.
- No.no.please. Edward, don't, don't...
She lost connection with reality at that moment. She was trembling hard.
He had no time to waste. For a split second his lips touched her skin and right away his teeth bit her wrist.
A piercing scream was her response. Her eyes flew open, but gaze couldn't focus like she was in fever. She was burning. She started screaming in some language totally unknown to him, though he knew them all. This one he never heard before.
He went for her other arm afraid to loose any moment. The following scream was excruciating. She started to struggle in his arms. She completely lost connection with reality, she even didn't understood it was Edward with her. The sweetness of her blood was as he couldn't imagine.He felt it in every cell of his body.It filled him.The taste was maddening but it meant so little now. It was insignificant though if she wasn't dyinh it would have been an almost impossible fight. As he never tasted anything more delicious.As if the bestest chief created it specially for him basing on his favourite flavours.
He listened tentively to her heart. It was fracing, accelerating.. He was always against this vampire future for her. So as she was. Strangely but it seemed like her core, her nature itself was so against it. And it made him happy and sad at the same time. He wished they could stay forever and that she would share eternity with him. And so badly he wished normal human life for her. And now he hated to take it away but there was no other choice to keep her alive. If only there wqas a way for him to become mortal again...At that very moment her screams stopped..her eyes met his.. I love you...
Suddenly pain knocked him to the ground. It was a physical pain he never felt before. He felt million of stabs at the same time in each cell of his body, like someone was trying to restart his dormant heart. It was cutting him to pieces and burning at the same time.Though there were no physical danger around him. It was coming from inside. She watched him in horror. She squeezed Edward's hand.
He felt like scorching lava eat him magble body from the inside.
Distant voices distracted him. His family was near. They knew where to find them. That gave him some comfort though he was completely lost with what was going on.
Suddenly they both felt pain so strong as if someone stabbed the heart all the way through.
Their united scream was piercing. And then he heard the beat of second heart.
Unconsciousness absorbed them.


And, by the way, I adore you…in frightening, dangerous ways.


And, by the way, I adore you…in frightening, dangerous ways.
Soon, so soon! I just have to wait a bit to get to my beloved Greece!!!!

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